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Dear Family, Friends, Colleagues, Supporters, Co-Fighters, Challengers, Sparring-Partners and Sponsors



it is with the deepest grief, that I have to inform You all, that my beloved fatherHans Anton Keller  has deceased in the night from last Saturday to Sunday after a long and exhausting fight against a merciless disease.


We all know, that he inexorably stood for the good and right cause. With his ideas and opinions he often was way ahead of his time, but always with the aim to make this planet a better and safer place. His constant fight against history's atrocities repeating themselves is exemplary.


Anton worked on and contributed to many projects and subjects until his very end. Some of them will fall asleep and some of them however will be continued by myself and hopefully by many of You.


He will remain in our memories as a selfless, fair, tireless and upright fighter for freedom, security, justice and public welfare sometimes even against all odds. He should be an example to all of us.


I very much hope that some of You will support me and carry on his spirit and further develop his projects and ideas, even if we will not live long enough to see our success.


For the time being, the mortal remains of Anton can be visited at his last home in Mase, Switzerland, where he spent the last years of his life.

We plan to hold a farewell ceremonial in Mase, on Thursday, August 1st, 2013. Details to follow soon on Your personal request by mail or phone.


Cordially Yours


Philippe Keller (-Mesot)



mobile +41 79 223 79 55


here's where Netizens turn the net into a real e-bazaar,
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Welcome to 21st Century GENEVA,
home of ITU, WWW, SELEX and Global Ivory Tower,
center of excellence - with bankers worth their salt,
Good Offices circle of Elder Statesmen,
midwife for the Conf_deratio Europæ

vanguard of Europe's Water Castle
and fountain head for Citizens' revival.

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SITE MAP (with the summaries of all themes covered)

....This is the backbone of some netbooks, i.e. the Internet version of extraordinary research & publishing efforts by scholars of many disciplines covering given subjects, thus the name: Global Ivory Tower.  Even if you are not - yet - a Mæcenas, here, you may effectively contribute to and benefit from the development and application of useful new insights, knowledge and practices on such subjects as:

1.  The Dawn of Monotheism Revisited  (141 KB; under construction, but on the rails)

2.  Conf_deratio Europæ

, regio genevensis, ex-Yugoslavia, Kosovo, Albania, Sternstunden und Schwachstunden der Schweizer AussenpolitikINDEX  (388 KB; uc, otr - English, French, German)

3.  Mosul Vilayet - Manoeuvering over Europe's Strategic Oil Reserve, pro memoria, Project PLATO, 19 political parties, 7 concentration camps, ethnicide, indiscriminate double embargo, Iraq's limited sovereignty, Kuwait's unpaid bill, "Let my People go!", looted Assyrian oil keeps bankrupt UN afloat, Nebuchadnezzar, "obligations of international concern", Palestinians, "respect Iraq - in its borders of 1925", "sacred trust of civilization", SLM, United Kingdom of Jordan and Mesopotamia, "Vive la France!", Waterloo III, who owns Iraq's oil?, creeping genocide, INDEX  (~1 MB; otr, E, F, G)

4.  League of Nations, United Nations and then what?   INDEX  (390 KB; uc, E, F, G)

5.  Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty NPT, And if we were all contaminated Tchernobyl & Gulf War veterans? (uc)

6.  SELEX- the Netizen way to do business, barter, DEBT ON THE NET (how to make good money with bad debts), share options available  (uc, E, F, G)

7.  wealth privacy battle, OECD: birthplace of Orwellian schemes, active investor protection, dormant accounts - a fair global settlement? rise and fall of Switzerland's biggest bank UBS, holocaust victim families, lex americana, SASEA bankruptcy, Affaire Friederich, banking with diplomatic immunity, INDEX  (~1 MB; uc, E., F., G)

This venture onto new age horizons begins with an annotated query on monotheism.  Based on what is known today, Netizens like you may thus help advance our all related insights.  Gradually, the other baskets will be filled with stories (not all bad) from Swiss bank customers, diplomats, scholars and alert Netizens as well as data from our own archives.  For some, this site's runner is the PILLORY, the NETIZEN DEBT EXCHANGE, an outgrowth of 30 years of experiences with Swiss financial institutions which was prompted not least by holocaust victim claims.  It provides the first Internet exchange of private and state (e.g. old Russian) debts with enhanced compensation opportunities.

These multi-facet efforts have been funded and sponsored by the editor's family and friends and by volontary contributions, with the editor bearing sole responsibility for eventual errors and omissions - and the manifold debts thus incurred.  If you are in a position to do so and would like to help secure this venture and strengthen its further development, you are invited to make your contribution directly to the editor.  In the event, please indicate by e-mail your wish for a receipt, to be mentioned in, or to be taken off the occasionally up-dated public list of Maecenas' successors & Iconoclast 's friends or the honor roll of privacy guardians.

In a global ivory tower worth its name, nobody has a monopoly for good ideas.  So you are most welcome to share in the evolution of these netbooks (which are to be up-dated commensurably).  Regardless of whether your information questions or supports the ideasand material thus presented, please send in your comments, suggestions and related material by e-mail, i.e. to swissbit@solami.com, or by way of the snail mail (CORUM, box 2580, 1211 Geneva 2, Switzerland).  And even if you don't want to get your name associated with this novel venture to new horizons (1), please contact the editor.

Arguably, English, French and German will be Europe's three equal official languages in the 21st Century.  Eventually, at least the commentaries presented on this site will be available in these three languages (on the Millennium computer bug Y2K, automatic, i.e. computer-produced translations are available in Italian, Portugese and Spanish - its quite instructive to see what artificial intelligence is presently capable of in this domaine; see also: SELEX).Initially, texts and communications will mostly be in English. Reflecting the general approach of contributions included on this site, its logo (9 stars at the top) symbolizes an ancient puzzle (2) the solution to which can be found only if one avoids worn-out tracks and dares to break out of the puzzle's apparent confines, i.e. the square made up of 9 stars.  It would be unfairto give you the solution even before you had a chance to try your own hand and mind on this problem.  For it would deprive you of what appears to be the intellectual equivalent of having walked barefoot and unharmed over burning charcoals.  In the event, click here and enter the world of similarly intriguing and mind-opening puzzles.

Anton Keller, editorCORUM, box 2580, t+f: +4122-7400362
1211 Geneva 2, Switzerland    swissbit@solami.com     39th up-date:  1 November 2002
(1)     perhaps because you share the wisdom reflected in President Reagan's desk inscription:
          "There is no limit where a man can go if he is prepared not to take credit for it!"
(2)     connect the nine stars with four straight lines without once lifting the pen

Here we are developing comprehensive, hyperlinked and thus easy-to-use indexes covering the entire Global Ivory Tower site.  It is a lot of work.  If it is to be user-friendly, generally useful and reasonably complete, it will take some time, so please bear with us - and come back also to see how we handled your and others' greatly appreciated suggestions for improvements and additions.  You should be able to access this site on the major search engines also by way of the keywords used in either the following index of persons or the subject index which includes historical personsWe regret the inconvenience of not yet or no longer working links and would appreciate your notifying us of such bugs.


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