MEMO:  Palestinians' Transitional Homeland at the Old Empire's Northern Perimeter?

from:     Anton Keller, Secretary, Good Offices Group of European Lawmakers
              cp 2580  -  1211 Geneva 2  -  Switzerland  -  3 December 2001
              t+f:  +4122-7400362  -  e:

On the Palestinian issue, the interim idea never really caught on with the powers that be.  Even though, since 1992, it has drawn sustained critical mass support among the members of the Mosul Vilayet Council (MVC;  It is based on the principle which was successfully applied by Andropov and his the successors of the former Soviet Union: deprive your enemy of his enemy and your enemy will disappear!   It would provide for the Palestinians and their Authority to consider with imagination, and to draw liberating and fruitful inspiration from the history of their Jewish brethren (.../babylon2.htm). And to adopt and execute a policy calling for and practising, as a rule, non-opposition to any and all of Israel's plans for the occupied territories (.../gridlock.htm), while focussing instead all their energies on developing what the MVC repeatedly offered to the Palestinian leadership, i.e. a "loaned homeland", a Hong Kong-type 99 year lease of the oil-bearing Diala district to the North of Baghdad, where the PLO could actually create an economically viable and internationally recognizable state.  Without giving up any land title in, or other claim to any part of Palestine, those Palestinians wishing to temporarily leave Gaza, the West Bank and the refugee camps could settle in the Diala, assisting in the UN-mandated administration of the Mosul Vilayet (.../a33h.htm), helping to recover Iraq's lost generations (.../PLATO.htm) and assisting in the rebuilding of Iraq's society (.../arbil.htm).

Maybe this not only sounds but is outlandish; yet, what alternative is there for temporarily, yet truely healingly settling over-lapping land claims which, ever since the Ottoman Empire break-up, have festered in the Middle East?

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