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name         Anton KELLER
born             9 March 1940 in Winterthur        nationality    Swiss
reblooded    17-24 April 2009
profession    writer, adviser, lawmaker sherpa, Web[stuben]meister, Querdenker & Iconoclast
    Co-Founder, Director, CORUM Research Group  (since 1968)
    trade & political adviser to lawmakers and governments  (since 1968)
    Secretary, Swiss Investors Protection Association  (since 1980)
    Founder and Co-Proprietor of Selex Development + Marketing AG  (since 1983)
    Secretary, Good Offices Group of European Lawmakers  (since 1990)
    Adviser & Permanent Representative of the Mosul Vilayet Council to UN (since 1992)
    I.C.E.S.C. Permanent Representative to the United Nations (1995/96, 06, 07)
               (International Committee for European Security and Co-operation)
     Founder and Director of SLM Center  (since 1998)

         c.p. 2580, CH-1211 Geneva 2  (t+f: +4122-7400362.  mobile: +4179-6047707)
         e-mail:   -

    architecture:  ETH Zurich (P.Hösli)                                                             1960-61
    military training: Swiss Air Force (communication); USAF ROTC, Pullman     1960-61
    hydrology:  Washington State University, Pullman                                        1961
    nuclear engineering:    UC Berkeley  (Edward Teller)                                1961-63
                Mathematica Princeton  (Oscar Morgenstern)                             1963
    political science:  UC Berkeley  (Eugene Burdick)                                   1961-63
    political philosophy: Basel University  (Arnold Künzli)                               1971-74
    political economy:  Basel University  (Edgar Salin)                                   1968-74
               (thesis: optimum river basin development)-

monotheism, salvage of Nubian monuments, optimum Nile management, international water law,
Xylit production & marketing, non-proliferation of nuclear weapons, nuclear micro-explosions;
privacy & bank secrecy, Wall Street ripoff, penned over 200 parliamentary interventions, ed-page contributions
(Journal de Genève, Neue Zürcher Zeitung, International Herald Tribune, Wall Street Journal, etc.) on: lex americana, lex helvetica,
commerce, friendship & establishment treaties, Bilaterale, CIA prisons, Parlament, Anekdoten; Scherbengericht, Ostracisme,
QI, M3 fog, capitalism, RJR-Nabisco, buccaneers, pension funds, Swiss bankers, bank secrecy, SWIFT, UBS, Polanski,
BSI, FINMA, tax matters, OECD, FATF/GAFI, economic crime; US-Europe relations, Confœderatio Europæ, Turkey, Syria,
porkbellies, 1929, Russia, glasnost, nation building, minority rights, education, human rights, humanitarian operations, refuge,
ICRC, Genève, ICESC, conflict anticipation, management & resolution, good offices in Teheran hostage crisis, ostrakismos,
subsequent hostage-takings, parallel diplomacy, Marc Rich, Iraq-Kuwait, ex-Yugoslavia, Iraq & Iran conflicts; PTSD; Xylit;
League of Nations & UN-related works regarding minority protection in ex-USSR & Palestine; property; citizenship; obituaries;
Jerusalem, monotheism in Egypt, Persia, Assyria & Babylon, Jerusalem Peace Treaty of Jaffa; SLM; youth, Iconoclast,
Y2K; SELEX; internet blues; paedophilia, water management; transit policy; WHO baby food code, food; Armageddon,
arms, Non-Proliferation Treaty NPT; Masada; PKK; aemam; Mosul Vilayet rebirth, gridlock, visionaries, Parlament, etc.

privacy & copyright notification:
These materials constitute proprietary information protected by copyright, and the author retains all rights to the works contained on these pages. Swiss laws (notably 266bis CP) and copyright restrictions provide for all information contained on this and any solami subsites to be privileged; they may thus not be used legally against any Swiss bank, lawyer or fiduciary, or against any of their clients anywhere, without prior written permission from the editor. The same applies to any authority, bank, lawyer, fiduciary or private person who benefited from this information without due recognition and consideration. Beyond that, you may use anything in your private or professional life, but your courtesy of notification will be appreciated. Also, I would be interested in engaging other faculty in a cooperative effort to improve these pages, e-books and services. Finally, as I strive to do, please give proper credit to the author(s) of any material thus used. Should you discover any error or inoperative hyperlink, I'd appreciate your letting me know for prompt correction.

catalogued publications
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1971    Xylit bibliography, Doublekay, H.Anton Keller
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1968    On the economic implications of the proposed nonproliferation treaty, International Law Review (Sottile). H Anton Keller; Heinz Bolliger; Peter B Kalff
1968    Moderne Technik fur Entwicklungslander - zur Wahl zwischen arbeitskra?fte-, kapital-, und energieintensiven Methoden
fu?r die Ausfu?hrung oder Inbetriebhaltung von Entwicklungsprojekten, Doublekay, H Anton Keller
1967    Memorandum on the technical and economic feasibility of applying nuclear explosives for civil engineering works,
with special reference to water resources development and management, Eighteen Nation Disarmament Conference, H.Anton Keller
1967    Plowshare, a new key to water resources development, Doublekay, Mathematica, AEC, H.Anton Keller
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1967    New horizons for water resources development, Water for Peace Conference, H.Anton Keller et al.
1966    The Nile waters question in view of the Nile agreement of 1959, ISAFONC, H.Anton Keller
1965    Contribution aux e?tudes de l'utilisation optimum des eaux du Nil, Travaux publics et entreprises, No 53, H.Anton Keller et al.
1964    Optimum management of Nile discharge. ISAOFNC, H.Anton Keller
1964    Le projet du Gabgaba : une variante au projet du haut barrage d'Assouan, Impr. La Concorde Lausanne, H.Anton Keller
1983    Optimale Wasserwirtschaft des Nil mit Einfu?hrung in das Gabgaba Projekt, ISAFONC, H.Anton Keller