Selected I.C.E.S.C. Contributions to the UN in 1995
International Committee for European Security and Cooperation - a profile

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Economic and Social Council
17 July 95    Aggression and Human Rights: Ethiopia 1935, Bosnia-Herzegovina and Iraq 1995 -
         Will "Great Power" Complicity Undo the UN like it Destroyed the League of Nations?

UN Secretary General
26 April 95    UN actions favoring the Iraqi regime on the back of Kurdish rights & interests
14 Feb 96    Budgetary Relief - Independent of Eventual Implementation of SCR 986

Commission on Human Rights
10 Feb 95    Realization of Economic, Social & Cultural Rights of the Yezidi, J.B.Daud Baghistani
14 Feb 95    On the way to Mutually Beneficial New Horizons in the Middle East, Bianca Baghistani
16 Feb 95    Torture in Iraq (testimony), J.B.Daud Baghistani
27 Feb 95    Improving the Effectiveness of the Commission's Work, J.A.Keller
1 Mar 95    Towards a Europe-linked Referendum in Former Yugoslavia
2 Mar 95    Beyond Responsibility, Co-Responsibility and Guilt on Former Yugoslavia
3 Mar 95    Human Rights Situation in Iraq and in the Mosul Vilayet

Sub-Commission on Prevention of Discrimination & Protection of Minorities
3 Aug 95    Hostage-Takings
4 Aug 95    Towards a United States of Abraham in the Middle East, David Linman
7 Aug 95    Systematically Violated Minority Protection Obligations & Guarantees in Iraq
         (testimony), Sheik Adnan Othman Barzani
11 Aug 85    Vivant Sequentes: Let Them Live, Learn and Prosper (testimony), Hadi Baghistani
11 Aug 95    A European Solution to Turkey's Minority Problems
14 Aug 95    Christians as a Religious Minority in Iran (testimony), Father N.A.G. Topouzian
14 Aug 95    Recognizing the Rights & Legitimate Aspirations of all Peoples of Former Yugoslavia
16 août 95    Vers une véritable jouissance des droits économiques, sociaux et culturels,
         notamment par la jeunesse Algérienne (testimony), Said Lahlali
23 Aug 95    Promoting Human Rights of Indigenous Peoples, J.A.Keller
24 Aug 95    Religious Liberty versus Religious Cleansing & Genocide, David Littman

Commission on Human Rights - Working Group on Minorities
30 Aug 95    Evolution of the Term Minorities; Validity & Usefulness of Minority Protection Treaties, J.A.Keller

3 October 1995

NGOs in consultative status with ECOSOC, 25 July 2005, p.27
official I.C.E.S.C. profile
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International Committee for European Security and Cooperation (ICESC)
Comité International pour la Sécurité et la Coopération Européennes (CISCE)
Internationaal Comite voor Europese Veiikjheid en Samenwerking (ICEVS)
Contact: [cp. 2580, 1211 Geneva 2, Switzerland - t+f: +4122-7400362,]

Founded 12 May 1968, Brussels, at First Advisory Meeting. First European Conference: 29 Nov - 1 Dec 1969. Vienna: First Assembly of Representatives of Public Opinion: 2-5 June 1972. Brussels. Also referred to as: European Security and Cooperation Sécurité et coopération européennes.
Aims Permit public opinion to express options and claims concerning a system of European security and cooperation; ensure representation of this public opinion; promote and support actions based on such ground principles as renunciation of resort to force, inviolability of existing frontiers, non-intervention in domestic affairs, respect of national independence, equality in rights, sovereignty and territorial integrity of European States, respect of the right of peoples to self-determination, peaceful coexistence and good-neighbour policy.
Structure International Committee (meeting at least once a year): International Secretariat (meeting 4 times a year). Commissions (3): Cultural; Social and Economic; Human Rignts (all meeting once a year).
Languages English. French.
Staff Voluntary.
Finance Financed by national committees.
Consultative Status ECOSOC (#11719) (II); UNESCO (#11720) (C).
NGO Relations Member of NGO Committee on Disarmament (NGOCD, #09453).
Activities Meetings, seminars and scientific conferences on disarmament, European security and cooperation problems; exchange of information; cooperation with similar organisations. Supports the actions of the United Nations and the specialized agencies to consolidate peace and develop cooperation, especially in Europe.
Events Colloquium Berlin 1993, Paris 1994.
Publications Meeting reports and proceedings in English, French and German.
Members Committees or national groups in 22 countries: Canada, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Czech Rep, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, [Iraq,] Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Spain, Switzerland, UK.

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